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The term "Bit" was coined in the 1500s in reference to the eight- reales silver coin of New Spain and Mexico. It is also called "a piece of eight" and circulated in the English Colonies and freely in the USA. The eight-reales coin was the world’s most used coin at one time. It is the renowned piece of eight that became part of pirate lore. Two-Bits was worth approximately a quarter dollar.    

Six Bit Ranch is a project based on two things, wine and family. After retiring my Grandfather bought a farm and lovingly named it "Six Bit Ranch".  It carried a dual meaning, it may not have been an expensive farm, but it was one that stood the test of time, it was quality. He was a man of quality. That's exactly what you will get with our wine, history and quality.

Jess Akin
Founder and CEO

Hello. Thank you for taking the time to relax and enjoy our wines. I welcome you to contact us and schedule a visitation at one of our vineyard partnerships.

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