The wines you will find from Six Bit Ranch are sourced from all over the United States using a collaborative effort between wine makers and sommeliers to produce the best representation of terroir and varietal we can find.


Where can you get your hands on a bottle?

The answer to that question lies within. We proudly support our vendors and try to be selective of who is carrying our wine to make sure the consumer is presented the bottle with as much love and informative care as possible.



The inspiration for the branding of a new wine label comes from a passion for the outdoors, a
love for the Earth and the remembrance of family. Jess Akin started the label in July of 2017 as a
pursuit of a long term goal, to find his way back to nature. Both of his grandfathers owned cattle
farms. They retired that way. They worked hard and honestly for 50 years a piece and then settled
down in the land they loved so much.
Six Bit Ranch is sourced from all over the United States, using relationships forged over time in
the wine industry to produce a whole new product. Hand selected and blended to provide our guests with a representation of the Earth that it comes from.


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